Drop us a mail at hello (at) okeydokey.studio for other questions! ✉️

How do I buy a keycap?

We make and sell our keycaps in small batches that we announce on our social accounts. Follow us on Instagram or Discord to be notified of the next sale.

What materials are your keycaps made of?

Some of our keycaps are made with epoxy resin while others are made of polymer clay. Specific details can be found on each keycap's listing page.

Do you do commissions?

Commissions are currently closed while we work on our upcoming keycaps. We usually let everyone know when they reopen via our social accounts.

What is the ID code? / How does verification work?

You should receive a verification card along with your keycap. The ID code on the card is unique to your keycap and can be used to verify its authenticity. Please do not reveal this code to anyone.

Refund Policy

All our caps are handmade and will have minor discrepancies. Unless your keycap arrives broken, we are unable to offer any refunds. In any case, please drop us a mail if you need any support.